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With labor becoming an increasing hardship, many distribution centers and warehouses are turning to automation. Robotic innovation and advances in end-of-arm-tools (EOATs) are making it possible to bring automation to the fulfillment stage of the supply chain—specifically bin picking. Good news, no doubt, but as always, new technology comes with a lot of hope...and hype. Bin picking technology is not immune to this reality.

Our newest white paper dispels five of the most common myths about automated bin picking technology to assist you on your journey in finding the right order fulfillment solution. Complete the form to receive a comprehensive guide that includes:


  • Key questions to ask your solutions provider when searching for a bin picking solution
  • The myths that will be pitfalls in your journey if not avoided early on
  • Tips for successfully finding a solution that gets your product to market quickly, while keeping your supply chain costs low